Jeremy Reed is one of the main characters on FOX comedy The Mindy Project. He is an OB/GYN and manages Shulman and Associates. 

Character Edit

Jeremy is described as a ladies man. He is British and uses his charms to attract women and get his way. Jeremy seems to not care much for women and cares more for his belongings (his Bulgari watch) than he does women he dates. He used to have frequent "bedroom dates" with Mindy. Even though he seems to not care for people, he sometimes feels bad for them and tries to help them, such as the time when he helped Danny Castellano pass his drivers test, or when he helped Betsy Putch deal with her family issues, and also when he helped Morgan Tookers get a girl he wanted. Although he is an international lothario, deep childhood issues with his brother are occasionally brought up.

Series arc Edit

During Season 1, he had a sexual relationship with his co-worker (Mindy Lahiri) after she struggled from an emotional break-up. Soon after, he asked for his watch back since he left it at her flat but Mindy, angry at his presence, declined. He took matters further by convincing other doctors and nurses (Morgan Tookers and Betsy Plutch) to help him break into her house to retrieve his possession. With their open respect for Mindy he lies to them with the excuse he is throwing a half-birthday for her and decorating her apartment as a surprise. With Morgan's expertise in locks due to his time in prison, they manage to get in. Later on the event comes up, that he went through the trouble to get his watch back. Morgan immediately leaves in disgust but surprisingly, despite her loyalty to Mindy, Betsy stays to accompany Jeremy. She still has no respect for Jeremy but later on she admits she knew where the watch was and gives it back to Jeremy, still disagreeing with the fact that he broke into her flat. She leaves but later on with the episode, Jeremy comes in late and uses the excuse that he didn't have a watch so he lost track of time. The watch was the possession he craved from Mindy's house and Betsy and Morgan excepted his forgiveness.

In Season 2, it is shown that Jeremy gained weight from what he justified as stress eating. He vaguely gets teased by his co-workers but is assured that they were only joking. He was soon put into the job of hiring a new nurse when Morgan had recently been fired which he disagreed with but didn't make recent attempts to get him back until later on in the episode. One particular doctor, Peter Prentice, caught his eye but was absent-mindly turned down after he discovered an embarrassing story from his past. Later, when he is left with the job of his co-workers after they left him to attend another event, he is weighed down in the hospital when Peter turns up and helps. He is surprisingly helpful, calming down the patients so Jeremy hires him. At one point, his father visited the clinic's premises, seen smoking a cigar which the other workers are upset with since they are banned from smoking indoors. He showed to hurt when his father regally insulted him and prefered to spend time with his friend Peter, who he earlier hired but Peter comforted him by telling his Father wasn't as great as he thought he was.

During Season 3, Jeremy is conceived to have lost weight, after being sent to a fat camp by Peter. He shows struggles in resisting food and by trying to prevent the temptation, accidentally ate a sweetly-baked American replica created by Danny Costellano. After that, a feud between Jeremy and Peter light up when Jeremy has an affair with Peters girlfriend, who was also his colleague. He discoverers he has feelings for her and admits that he wants to create a future with her, despite the fact that her son is not particularly fond of him. They date for a couple of months until she leaves with Peter. He seems upset by this but admits he wouldn't leave his career for her as Peter did.

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