Tom McDougall is guest character on The Mindy Project. He is the ex-boyfriend Mindy Lahiri as he broke up with her several months before the events of the pilot. He is portrayed by Bill Hader.

Biography Edit

Not much is known about Tom's earlier life except that he has a brother, and was apart of a fraternity in college. Tom met Mindy when they got trapped in an elevator at the hospital they both worked at. They started dating almost immediately afterwards, and Mindy moved into his apartment after two months. They also made a sex tape. He then met and fell in love with a Serbian woman who ran a bagel stand, and dumped Mindy to marry her.

Season One Edit

Mindy's relationship with Tom is summarized in the beginning of the pilot, and jumps to Tom's wedding where Mindy gives a very uncomfortable speech. It's later revealed around Halloween that he and his wife are expecting a baby as he put's a picture of the sonogram on his social media. Towards the end of the season, Mindy runs into Tom at a frat party. Where he explains how his wife is divorcing him to get all his money, and that she was really pregnant with her Serbian boyfriend's child. He tries to hookup with Mindy, but get's into a fight with her then boyfriend Casey instead.


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